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Washington State Patrol Inspections

If I buy a vehicle from out-of-state or move to Washington, do I still need to obtain an inspection of my car by the Washington State Patrol? 

In nearly all cases, no. Under a new law, the physical inspections of out-of-state vehicles, by the Washington State Patrol, has been eliminated. Instead, the Department of Licensing will perform a database search on your vehicle and notify you if an inspection is required before they issue a title. There is a $15 fee for the computer search, collected at the time you register your vehicle.

 You will need to take your vehicle to the Washington State Patrol to obtain a physical inspection if your vehicle has been rebuilt after being destroyed or declared a total loss by an insurance company. They will also perform inspections as required on vehicles reported stolen, homemade vehicles, or other vehicles without a proper VIN, when there is a VIN discrepancy, when there is a record dispute, when ownership is in doubt, or other special cases.   


For more information visit the Washington State Patrol website


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