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Ridgefield Business Association

The Ridgefield Business Association (RBA) is committed to the success of our members and community. To this end, we advocate for a healthy local business climate, and promote commerce, business alliances, customer awareness, and civic wellbeing.

When I started my business in Ridgefield, February 2008, I quickly went from member of the RBA, to Vice President, to President, all in one year. I dedicated my time to helping the organization to grow. The RBA has come a long way in the past years. The RBA has become licensed as a non-profit, obtained insurance, renewed the by-laws and mission statement, increased membership, started the publication Ridgefield Business Guide and Area Map, gives its members a place to network, and has become active in all the events around Ridgefield. We look forward to the future and what it brings. Join us for the journey. More about the RBA at

Refill the Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital needs your help!  The “Zoo” at Legacy is running low of stuffed animals.  Local business and neighbors team up every year to collect new stuffed animals for the pediatric units at Legacy Salmon Creek.  Legacy strives to make every child’s stay as comfortable as possible.  A new stuffed animal is give to each child that comes to the hospital to keep as a companion.

Refill the Zoo Mark              refill the zoo

You can help! 

Bring a new stuffed animal to our office anytime during the year and we will keep them until our annual delivery to Legacy in May.  More than 1,000 of these furry, but stuffed, toy creatures will be delivered to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital.  However we cannot accomplish this goal without your help.   Drop off a new stuffed animal today.
Our supporters are: Riverview Bank, Jeff Stay - American Underwriters, Webber Gunn, Countrywide Insurance, Lions Club and neighborhood associations from Felida, Hazel Dell and Salmon Creek. 

Refill the Zoo

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